Dienstag, Oktober 14, 2008

Again - a Fish Story

October 14/08 2:15 pm.

Digg this, my sweet, houseguarding, fishfeeding neighbour is a complete nut about animals, like she feeds ants sugar, when she spots them running around. Now, our newest addition to our catastrophy pond, the veiltail, has the habit of kind of swimming sidewise rather close to the surface. Looks funny, since it must be a very greedy fish, it has mutated to a thing like a golfball with fins. Mrs. neighbour figured out that there must be something wrong with Mr.veiltail, so she "dunked" him about 4 times a day deep to the ground. Poor fish had been so frightened it went for hiding under the fountain pump when first time I inspected the pond after our homecoming. I feared it had been a goner in the meantime. Slowly it starts to act normal again, when it sees someone at the edge of the pool. And it still eats "light" food, the greedy monster.

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