Dienstag, März 24, 2009

I am not Snow White!

March 24/09 ....11:20 a.m.

.....and Landfrau hopes that she is not yet the bad queen. Although "mirror" Twitter slowly but surely makes me feel like it. Lately in the guise of followers shows me the real me. Who is following me? Cooks, wine drinkers and now, to top it all off, a WEIGHTREDUCER! Made me cry. Fits in so perfectly with my thoughts during my walk with Herr Hund just half an hour ago, where I had been turning over in my mind that all my life I had wished for long, terrific legs. And what am I gifted with, short, muscular stems, bawl.....
I have given up the hope that I still might grow a few inches or so, will stick to high heels (in public) as long as I am still able to stagger around with them.
Have been an early bird today, new garden fence is set up in our kitchen garden, in my opinion useless spending of money I would have a million different ideas to spend on. But it has been a must before our "friendly" neighbour would have been getting at us with a gun. Nasty "follower" for real.


Blog Queen hat gesagt…

I don't know that mirror Twitter is any more reliable than a real mirror. I mean, I get pyramid schemes, beauty magazines and non-posters. What would THAT say? ;)

About getting what you want: I'm tall and top-heavy. I CANNOT be overlooked. Sadly, most people also automatically assume I never need help. Next life, I'm coming back short. And frail.

Land-Frau hat gesagt…

*giggle* I think next life about all of us will run around looking differently, but we should not forget to ask for a load of brains too, otherwise we are bummers!