Mittwoch, März 25, 2009

Buy me a Monkey!

March 25/09.....2:46 p.m.

Our new fence, no, don't like it, really have to get used to it. And our "Felsenbirne", I think you call it juneberry, but do not take me up on it, is now proudly presenting it's four naked stems or trunks, whatever, against the naked fence. Before there had been that overgrown Ivy background, Now it looks like one of those climbing trees for monkeys in zoological gardens. So, Landfrau should install a monkey, but it has to come with the guarantee,that it does not bite faces and limbs off people. Will be hard to find, I reckon.
Ah shucks, I better stick to the further monkey business making this cotton pickin' fence representable. We shall see.

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