Mittwoch, Dezember 06, 2006

My Dentist and my X-mas Panic

December 06/06 6:30 p.m.

I have mentioned her before,it is a lady and lately she has been coming across with the most funny things. Will not go into the story, when I got the caps for my implants (a fortune in my mouth) and she wanted to show them to me before putting them in for good and dropping them,stating very dryly "hope they are not broken" - they were not,fortunately, anyway, think she is increasing in her actions. - Must tell you first, that Landfrau has terrible difficulties, not to gag during treatment, just to look at the cotton pads to be put into my mouth, gets me going. So,my friendly lady has a dozen tricks or so to stop me, like I should turn my feet, first the one,then the other, to one side and the other side,etc. - Now today she suddenly yelled," grab between your legs, grab between your legs", which really startled me, never had heard of that trick. As it turned out, she had dropped a "red stick" (think it has beeen a Q-tip with desinfection) between my legs and did not want to retrieve it but, I presume, was afraid,my pants might get ruined. After that I started to have such giggle fits, that I heaved from laughing, not from gagging and after I could talk again, told her why and she was very embarrased,but her nurse laughed her head off. So much for my dentistLADY,and now you know, why I put such emphasis on transferring that it is not a guy. -

Well, after that pleasant session I did some Christmas-shopping and slowly but surely am feeling better, some cookies baked and some presents bought.-

And then doggie got a raincoat, fed up with wet, smelly dog in the house, he is very proud of it!

So, hope you did not meet any Krampusse today, even if you deserved them!

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