Sonntag, Dezember 03, 2006

Not X-mas,E A S T E R!!(egg hunt)

December 03/06 00:14 a.m.

Too upsept to sleep, think I'm going bonkers. The past day has been one of the missing things. First I could not find part of my X-mas decorations, o.k. no special value, replacable. Then daughter No. 1, who hade been visiting and staying overnight, asked for a special Children's book, belonged to Landfrau ,when she was still a kid, kept in high value, vanished... had been looking in the house from attic to basement, no book, other of getting all dusty and disgusted,no success. Then, beeing invited for dinner at friends place, a bracelet, I wanted to wear, a goner. Great, in for another midnight hunt.There at least, found it, had slipped behind the couch in my room. so.. I hope the spell is broken and I am not yet in for the Alzheimer league, at least, there you meet new people every day.

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