Samstag, Januar 24, 2015

A Wintertale

january 18/2015....3.00 p.m.

So we are having the first snow this winter, time for a winter tale. Around Xmas time I had been looking like mad for a book, in my possession since ages, it is "Breakfast at Tiffany's ", but why I wanted to find it so badly was because of that little tale "a Christmas Memory" , that little story which can move me almost to tears every time I read it. It is in this little book of stories by Truman Capote . I just love to read it around Xmas time! To make a long story short, I did not find it. 
Now today I suddenly remembered a long ago stowed away box of old books, hunted for it and bingo...the very last book I took out has been IT ! 
For me like a late Xmas and the snow is like the icing on the cake for this event.

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