Sonntag, Januar 18, 2015

Hard Times

January 17/2015..6 am

The start of the new year has not been so good for us. On December 29/14 Herr Husband had colon cancer surgery, which fortunately was sucessful, but then he had to top it with a heart attack and it had been a time of worries and in and out of intensive care. Now he is slowly recovering and has been moved to another hospital for a pre rehab. There is still a long way to go but at least he is making a little progress.
Yesterday I drove the first time to visiting him at his new place and on the way back my navi took me ways I never expected to drive in my life..a horror!  Duisburg will be added to my list of hated places, up to now Krefeld had been the winner. 
Today I will take a day off from hospital visits, to top it off,weather predictions are awful. 

Everything only can get better!

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