Mittwoch, Dezember 21, 2011

History of a pre-X-mas Time

December 21/11....10:40 a.m.

July 21st/ birthday, thinking about X-mas, 5 more months to go - cheerful  memories!

November 30/11....starting to dig around for X-mas decorations, basement up to the attic, good excercise, especially if the gadgets you think are downstairs  are upstairs and vice versa.

December 2/11.... still looking for missing santa clauses for outdoor decoration, darn!

December 3/11...setting up outdoor "adventskranz" (wreath) one of the causes for walking on crutches around that time last year - bad memories!

December 6/11....given up looking for missing clauses, they can fry in hell! - baking first batch of X-mas cookies - hate it!

December 8/11...getting too often into jar of cookies to try if they are still good. they are, but dwindling away. Start to fatten myself up.

December 9/11 ...had to drive Herr H. to the eye doctor in shitville Krefeld, windy day, bought a cap while running around and getting lost as always. Husband pissed off because he had to wait for me, says my cap looks stupid. 

December 10/11....X-mas wishes from the family members so,money,money. My goodness, do we have a big family!

December 12/11...bought another X-mas cake (Dresdner Stollen) by special order from Herr Husband.  

December 13/11....Herr Husband decides he does not like X-mas cake any more.  Want to stuff it down his throat!

December 14/11...drove downtown to look for some small presents, came home with no presents, but another cap. Getting on a roll for caps - nutty!

December 15/11...baked some more cookies to stuff myself.

December 16/11.....found missing santas - now they can rott in their box!

December 20/11 ....went for food shopping and developped a hate towards X-mas songs and X-mas decorations.While stowing stuff into the car watched a departing Lufthansa plane in the sky, whised I was on it, never mind where to.

December 21/11...eyeing my decorated X-mas tree and wishing it was July, so I could be looking forward to CHRISTMAS!


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