Samstag, Januar 06, 2007

Year without Horse

January 06/07

Since 1976 this will be the first horseless year for the family. Some of you already know, some might have asked themselves why there has been no more mentioning of the oldie-horse. Sad story, oldie has been sent to horse heaven in October 06. Really had not the nerve to talk about it for quite a while, and dog and me still miss the old rascal, while roaming the river banks, thats what we loved most, the three of us. Somehow picturing he might still be gallopping along with us, up there in horse heaven. He has been a good horse,brave and honest, he has been with us for almost 19 years.-
Don't miss the stables,not my world anymore.

Last pics of Little Lander - Hannoveranian Gelding

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