Freitag, Januar 19, 2007

Kyrill - The Big One

January 19/07 3:49 p.m.

Boy, that has been some bugger of a storm last night and it is not quite over yet,if I look out of my window,trees are moving in occasional gusts again. But last night had been hellish and we were mighty glad,that we had made the decision to take the fir tree down lately,it would have been a goner for sure. Our neighbours from across the street called the fire brigade to take one of their trees down, which might have landed plum upon the street. There were lots of damages in our village as to trees,roofs and houses, fortunately no casualties. But around Germany there had been ten and more in other European countries. One little girl, two years old, had been slain by a door. A little life, phhf, extinguished just like that, on account of a stupid storm. -
I have the bad feeling, that there will be more super- gaus of nature, since our weather really has gone haywire,next there will be floodings again, on account of the heavy rainfalls. And if you take into consideration that it is partly homemade by mankind and that there are still governments without insight and unwilling to workout plans against such catastrophies,one could throw a tantrum fit.

Poor Planet Earth!

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