Mittwoch, Januar 03, 2007

One More Tree - Story

January 03/07 5:50 p.m.

So, yesterday, Landfrau had been de-treeing the living room and all the deco things, like angels and santas ,had to hit their boxes for another 11 months. But now, look for yourselves,friends, is'nt that still a great tree? Now, I'm considering

1st. : selling it to Russia with love ( still 3 days left, since the Russians celebrate after the Georgian Calendar, Jan.7 and little Father Frost, who brings the presents in Russia,might still be short of a tree)

2nd.: putting it into the empty corner,left by the fir tree. - Only, how to preserve it? Must stay green and keep its needles! Spray? Paint? whatever.-

Well,just a little joke, but I am happy to hear, that I had a leaning tree companion in far away Houston! But knocking over the tree with ornaments - That has been overdoing it, my friend! Mutual agreement,never listen to the tree critics , next X-mas,we do it our ways!

And remember, only 11 months and 21 days left till X-mas! (Now -cross my heart, I won't go on with that).

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