Sonntag, Januar 21, 2007

Oops, there goes another One!

January 21/07 3:47 p.m.

Grandson has been picked up by daughter No. 2 and has been on the phone already, forgot his softball, always leaving something behind, that kid. The James Bond last nite had been a dissapointment for both of us and since our satelite - dish has also suffered from the storm we had a big choice of "snowy" channels. But we have been rewarded with a life show today, the next one of our big trees, a cypress tree in the kitchen garden, started to move in a very funny way. So we decided to call the diligent helpers,the local fire brigade. They decided,that 12 meter- tree had to go and so we had front row seats from our "tower" (attic) windows to watch the action. They left about 4 meters and now it looks like a funny kind of bush sitting in the corner. By now I think, the squirrells will put a jynx (or whatever its called) on us, this has been their main residence. Places in the two previous trees taken down had been like vacation homes. We might decide to cover our gardens with concrete and paint them green, then all we need is a scrubbing broom,lots of detergent and an occasional paint job.
That's the way the (soft)ball bounces!

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