Sonntag, September 04, 2011

Graves and Noodles

September 4/11....9:11p.m.

A year ago my brother died - sad,sad ,sad. So today, equipped with a bunch of flowers (he loved flowers) I ventured out to visit his grave.  I had been under the stupid presumption that I would find the grave in no time. So,  after puffing uphill where I thought I would find the grave, no grave. Circling back was not of much help. And no people around, only the dead ones, which would not answer me. Well, new start from the beginning, and always uphill, darn! Pretty soon I had the feeling I could dig my own grave.  After inspecting graves for about an hour and already thinking about a donation of my flowers to some poor looking grave  - I found him! - Patted his stone and could imagine him sneering at me.  He had been a good one at that during his lifetime. -
Coming home I had been really bushed, also our stupid weather might have had something to do with it. Flopped onto my bed to read some and kept doozing off, having the weirdest dreams.  Did not really feel like cooking, talked Herr Husband into taking us out to our favoured Italian for dinner, I simply had to have noodles (noodles make you happy!) and were they ever good but too much, now I am sitting here, considering to puke. And that's the end of my gloomy sunday and my brother is probably laughing his head off.  

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