Donnerstag, Mai 28, 2009

Season`s Opening

May 28/09......6:66 p.m.

Yes, my friends, our Herr Hund had been the one, opening up the season being the first of awn victims. That's what the vet said anyway and that usually they fill in much later in the season. Well, Herr Hund had to live up to his name, country dog! - Fortunately the thing sits or sat, one can not really tell, between his toes and this way has no chance of migrating. Amazingly our patient does not limp, otherwise he would be good company to his master. For the time being no bandage, just antibiotics and we have to wait and see. Maybe we are lucky and the thing does not have to be cut out. So, keep your fingers crossed for us!

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Kimberly hat gesagt…

Goodness! What happened? Hope that pup will be ok!