Sonntag, Mai 24, 2009

Summer Impressions

May 24/09.....4:18 p.m.

Landfrau promised herself a real "effn" lazy day today. Kept my promise up to now. Have to come inside for a while, soaking up sun while reading two papers made me kind of sweatty (but not smelly,haha) - a pool would be nice but all we have, is the pond, where at the moment we have the ultimative fish mortality, there are two leftovers to go but I bet that in the end we are stuck with one bugger who does not want to die and then pity grabs my heart and I go out and buy another couple of companions and the whole story starts anew. Well, such is life, or in this case rather the death of fish. This way we can stick to our neverending fishstories. The money we have spent on replacements could buy us a real good fishmeal by now. -
Last nite we had friends in for BBQ and foodwise everything turned out perfect, exept for the "test- grilled" sausages, which Herr Husband burned and Landfrau refused to eat. Our guests had been more brave, even claiming they were alright. The politeness of the invited! Herr Hund got mine and did not complain either.
So, if it would not be hate- monday tomorrow and we had a pool, life could be perfect.

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