Samstag, Mai 02, 2009

Little Miss Sunshine Content

May 2/09 ..11:22 p.m.

Having a toddler in the house is a somewhat different experience. Has one forgotten already the time when our kids had been small, having the run of the house? - Most of the "untouchables" had been put away, but in the garden a terracotta bowl had been a victim, calling ball,ball, grabbing and throwing it had been done so fast you did not have time to blink. Well, not too bad for collateral damage during 3 days, I would say, oh yes, a lump on the head from a headover tumble from the couch, which my heart made skip a beat for a moment. An adult falling like that would have broken his or her neck, I bet. Certainly the little queen had us dancing around her galore but can you say no to such a doll? Anyway, we enjoyed it , but honestly, every day and all the time would let us reach our limits. -

One thing is for sure, mother nature knows why she does not favour older women with offspring anymore and if older men think they still must father and raise kids, its their own fault.

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