Mittwoch, Juli 29, 2009

A Promise...

Juli 28/09....7:57 a.m. a promise, so I might as well post about my birthday. Everyone has them, as a kid they are great and up to a certain age the birthday child mostly cries at his or her party. Starting from a certain age one has the tendency to sing the song: It's my party and I cry when I want to...well, getting older is not such a piece of cake any more and it really builds up your moral when you get a birthday card from a friend telling you, so now you too are a year older.Thank you, nut, has Landfrau bought the eternal youth, am I Dorian Gray? - But also I have been greatly amused, getting a book from another friend, which "she could not resist reading" first, after leafing through. Only the way it looked, about 3 other people could not resist beforehand either. Never mind , have the book in my collection already anyway. So, when you get in the future a book as a gift from Landfrau,which she could not have resisted reading you are "in the picture" so to say. - Aside from that (now we come to the good part of the story) Landfrau got spoiled galore by the man of her life and her family . I am like a kid, I just love presents. And we had lovely dinners, eating out, only my brunch party on sunday morning at the lovely Canoo I could not enjoy so much , somehow I had grown an addional head overnite and both heads hurt. Could have kicked my ass, should have learned by now that a hangover is a hangover. For sure Landfrau is old enough! - Also by now *laugh*!

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