Sonntag, Juli 12, 2009

Seaside, a Boy and the Tour de France

July 12/09 ....10:10 p.m.

One word Landfrau put on her "bad list" : AUSREISSER !

Being at the seaside with not exactly beach weather and having a (pre) teen along, who is a sports freak, an alldaylong TV run of the Tour de France is not really my piece of cake! - Aside from that we had fun, and who is talking about the weather anyway. We went on bike rides on dune paths, had refreshments at a dune pavillion with a terrific view of the sea, went into the little village with our bikes and for a swim in the hotel pool, where I must admit that I had been the absolute coward, the outside pool gave me the shivers. And the sea only saw my feet. Our last day gave us a marvellous experience, 2 seals from a station, where they raise abandoned baby-seals made an event out of setting free two youngsters, that had been so cute, they were set in their crates at the beach and as soon as those were opened, they robbed toward the sea, dived in and were frolicing in the water. Only, after a while, they decided that it was enough and now they wanted to go home. But with all the people at the shore cheering them on they decided the peace and quiet of the wide open might be the better idea and they left toward the sand banks.-

The last two days our daughter joined us to pick up her son and we enjoyed our time together. And, oh yes, mad Max came along too, so the rat pack had been together again at the seaside and Herr Hund made a real effort to learn how to be disobidient.

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