Samstag, Juni 27, 2009

Funny Weather

June 27/09...1:24 p.m.

Nothing to say? Talk about the weather. Today it is an effort to breathe, so sticky. Poor Herr Hund with his thick fur, went real slow on my bike tour on his behalf, never mind, gives me time to look around. Some fields have turned yellow already, might be harvested soon. And the corn is growing fast. I actually dislike cornfields, for me they are murder fields, too many corpses have been found in cornfields over the years. And there are the cabagge fields, which evaporate that nice smell in late fall and winter, always makes me gag, but the farmers take their time, to plow the remains. Thunder is now growling outside, too bad, no chance to bike for an icecream and relax outside the parlor. Will fix some strawberry tartlets instead. My strawberry marmelade yesterday turned out absolutely delicious. Unfortunately Herr Husband likes it too (had the hope he wouldn't), now I have to guard it like a miser.

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