Samstag, Juni 13, 2009

Home, sweet Home?

June 13/09 ....8:09 a.m.

First of all, have found out that I really DO NOT LIKE WORK! - Being spoiled during holidays is so much nicer, friends. What Landfrau hates about travelling though, is packing and unpacking. Lets take packing - inspite of my list there were several forgotten items, like - very important- passport for Herr Hund and my own personal alarm clock I hardly can do without. Forgot to switch on the outside timing lights and was not so sure about having switched out my nespresso machine ( well, I did, but uncertainty kept nagging on me!) . Have to keep working on my proficiency, seems to get harder with age.

Enough of that. Our little vaccation has been great and really something urgently needed. Just "chillin'" , good food, good wine, massages and not overdoing activities...the early morning and late afternoon walk with Herr Hund up that steep hill behind our hotel almost did me in, but once we reached the top we were awarded with such a great view and with a path we had all to ourselves. Never met a living soul. Then you think the world belongs to you. - One evening our Luxembourg friends joined us for dinner, its always lots of laughs with them, we are friends since over 40 years. Only our headwaiter, whom we called Obama among ourselves (could have been a brother) treated them very upnosed, they refused to stuff themselves with the big menu which we ate every nite. -

And then, during our last night I lost Herr Hund, had been watching a late movie, really enjoying myself in my bathrobe together with Robert Redford, when Herr Hund decided that he had an atttack of diarrhea and wanted out, but pronto. Since our room had been at the end of a very long hallway Iwas not so sure if we could make it to the elevator. Fortunately we had a fire escape staircase right across from our room, but the door could only be opened from the inside. Landfrau in bathrobe let out Herr Hund and Herr Hund vanished into the dark of the night. Whistling calling... no dog. So woke up Herr Husband who would not trust his ears when I told him that the dog got lost, then dressed in a jiffy to look for our lost friend and by the time I was ready, a very excited Herr Hund showed up at the bottom of the fire escape. He must have run to our ususal entrance and finding everything closed, remembered where he had come from. Well, I was so glad to have him back, but by that time Robert Redford had left me. Now I will never know how the movie ended.

So that had been the exciting finish of our vaccation . Now I am back home and wish "Obama" would serve me breakfast!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hello Landfrau!

So this was the luxury! Obama for breakfast and Robert Redford at night, while Herr Husband has to fix the mess a certain animal named Herr Hund made up!
Oh I could tell you stories of my Frau Katze, like when she got arrestet from the Police, or performed bloody stunts involving the window and ...aah stop it.

Well, I wonder what was going on in Herrn Hund´s head while he was "lost" at the bottom of the fire escape. Maybe something like this:
"A little diarrhea is always good to escape from Robert Redford´s face on the TV."
"I love to be "found" by Herrn Husband! Funny, this lost-and-found-game"
"Sorry about this diarrhea, but I had to have a tough man-to-man talk with this "obama" guy!"
"Sorry Landfrau, but I´m an undercover agent and I had to do some quick work for my country"

or, finally:

"This is a dog´s world, but it´s nothing, nothing, without a Landfraus heart!"

Land-Frau hat gesagt…

Thank you for such a long and lovely comment! you made my day!