Dienstag, Juni 23, 2009

I blew my Top today!

June 23/09...6:09 p.m.

Not that I do not blow it on other occasions too,but never mind that. But today had been the utmost. Had to have my routine breast check up and mind you, that is no piece of cake, having your tits sandwiched between two plates and standing in a twisted weird position, girls, you know what I am talking about. Anyway, had an appointment around lunchtime and after having had the x-rays taken sat in the dark stuffy little room, waiting for the doctor and my results. After leafing through outdated magazines for half an hour, I decided to put something on and go and check for the whereabouts of the doctor. A very astonished nurse asked me, if he had not seen me yet and after my denial told me that he must have forgotten about me and she would send him right away. Well, he showed up pretty fast and I asked him what kind of halfwitted action that had been, letting me sit around half naked for such a long time and if he has had lunch in the meantime. The nincompoop kept apologizing no end, he had been on the way to see me and them something came up and he forgot about me, blablabla. So I told him that this calls at least for a reduction on the invoice, fat chance that will happen,though. After I had given him hell I felt real good and by the way, my results were o.k.

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