Mittwoch, November 01, 2006

My first Love!

November 01/06 7:20 p.m.

Landfrau does not have so many amusing things to talk about now-a-days, so let's venture again into the past a bit. My first love ( actually not the "very first one", him I lost at the age of 5, when fate separeted us, he moved away) I really have been smitten with. He has been definitely a little womanizer,dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin ,well, kind of grown up lost "kiddie"(see above!) love, and I had been so proud, he choose me as "his girl", it lasted for about 3 dates, then he showed me the cold shoulder, up to now I do not know why, probably the next cutie to be conquered. I really sobbed my little eyes out and what made it even harder,my mother showed no sympathy whatsoever,laughing and telling everyone about my desaster. -
Now my brother has been meeting the guy occasionally and he still is inquiring about me and if I still had that beautiful "golden" hair, my brother says, I do, I think touches of grey are definetely showing. Told my brother, he should tell him - that he broke my heart! -
Still, a soft touch for "dark boys" has been left over from that time of beeing sweet fifteen! (hope, man of my life will forgive me,hihihi).

And,next post friends, it will be politics again, I warn you!!!

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