Donnerstag, Dezember 10, 2009

Our Christmas Dog

December 10/09.....6:44 p.m.

We will have a big problem this year and Landfrau is chewing her nails. Herr Hund starts to get very nervous around Christmas season as soon as we carry our X-mas tree home. He is watching us very closely, does not want to miss out when we take it into the living room for trimming. And from then on he is waiting for the big night, when it will be time to open the presents. His present is always a plate full of dog goodies and he gobbles it all up and what he can not manage anymore, he hides in corners around the house. But this year, we confuse him. We have brought the tree home and, having decided to leave it outside in front of the big picture window so we have more room inside, when the family shows up December 25th, he does not know what to make of that. He has that big question mark look on his face, like...where will Santa put my plate? I am having a hard time reassuring him, that Santa will find a solution. But Herr Hund is not so sure if he can believe me.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Nice story, gisela!

I am a big fan of Herrn Hund and since, as I know, he is very conservative guy, my feelings are with him!
I think Herrn Hund´s opinion could sound like this: "Please Landfrau, never change a running system"

Land-Frau hat gesagt…

too late, but Herr Hund is very smart, so I think he will catch up eventually,otherwise I will have to live with my bad conscience. I will make it up to him, cross my heart! ;-)