Dienstag, Oktober 13, 2009

New Car, old Dog and Herr Husband

October 13/09....6:30 p.m.

Herr Hund just loves car rides, he can sit in his compartment and does not breathe a wuff, even for longer distances. But with our new car, a SUV again, he fell flat on his stomach when he tried to jump in. Since he is such a cry baby from then on the new car was bad and he would not go near it any more. Landfrau tried to lift him in, he wiggled and screamed like a pig being slaughtered and Landfrau twisted her back short of a lumbago and is now sitting in front of infrared light every spare minute. Fortunately I got a new book, sitting in front of that lamp is so darn boring! Then Herr Husband went and got a board for walking up, Herr Hund simply refused to go near it and again, screamed like a pig, when Herr Husband tried to push him on. On top of that tried to bite Herr Husband, or let's say, pretended to. Herr Husband claimed, Landfrau made the wrong approach, I said, it was his fault, always being too excited, hey, that transfers, right? - From then on it has been each of us sneaking out seperately together with Herr Hund, to somehow convince him to mount the car. Herr Hund would not even go near the car with Herr Husband, but Landfrau had the brilliant idea to try from the side door, first into the foot compartment and from there onto the seat, and bingo, Herr Hund went in and proudly sat on the backseat. Me too, I had been very proud of myself, but Herr Husband discovered a doggie footprint on the leather seat and Landfrau was short of being sent to deathrow. Then Landfrau called Herr Husband a car fetichist and muttered something about an extended penis under her breath, which Herr Husband, who normally is stone deaf, heard nevertheless and from then on played sorehead for the next two hours. Well, terrible paw print came off and now the sun is shining again and Herr Husband got a device like a hammock, it is fixed between front and rear seat and Herr Hund decided that he feels comfy in it. -
All three of us are talking to each other again!


Daniel hat gesagt…

Hihi! Good one. This is a very nice and honest story. lol..It seems like herr hund is very conservative.
I can also understand herrn husband. If i had a BRANDNEW SPORTS UTILITY VEHICLE and SOMEONE would make SOMETHING like a a SCRATCH in or on it (blabla..you know what i mean)..well ..this would put me in a very ANGRY mood.*lol* :)

Land-Frau hat gesagt…

All I can say is:
a different spezies. Cleaned inside of mine today, good now for another half year! *g*