Samstag, Oktober 10, 2009

Dinner for Two

September 10/09......12:07 p.m.

Last nite we had our wedding anniversary - dinner at a restaurant at the riverside in our neighbourhood. Amazingly, for a friday nite, the place had been almost empty, only two tables occupied and the couple from one of the tables left shortly after our arrival. Now there was only one table left taken by two women and two dogs. Too bad, they did not leave too, otherwise I could have bragged that Herr Husband had reserved the complete place for us on account of the occasion. But the food had been delicious and the anniversary couple enjoyed the twosomeness. Still - does not beat the time we flew to the US and had the complete first class section to ourselves. Had been like having won in a lottery!-
Well,well, those were the times, now we squeeze into tourist, like most of the travellers and the only advantage we have is, that Herr Husband gets pushed around in a wheelchair. Some other kind of privilege which we would rather not have.

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