Samstag, Februar 11, 2012


February 11/12........6:45 p.m.

....all my troubles seemed so far away....when I come to the ferry landing,somehow that song always, or mostly, crosses my mind and I remember the times when I had passed that place almost every day with my faithfull companions, dog Shaylor (called Herr Hund) and horse Lander,  who by now are waiting for me on that big meadow behind the rainbow. There still is a twist to my inner self when memory catches up with me, but then I try to be realistic,nice times have been nice times and there is a time and a place for everything. Everything right now is not such a piece of pie and this darn cold weather we are having does not help. I think we are into a new ice age like we have had in the middle ages and it is said that bursting vulcanos might have something to do with it. And we had that big fellow Eyjafjallajökull acting up two years ago  in spring. Whatever, we can not do anything about it, or at least not much. - I am looking forward to warmer weather, where I can take out my bike again, miss that too, big walks are  not so in favour with me anymore since I have that damaged knee from my bike accident in November 2010. - Oh man,it seems, I am turning into a whine winnie, what a drag.
 Should talk a litte bit about Daetti again, remember,my iPad, which has turned itself into almost a person somehow, but I sneakily try to get the upper had and its about 50:50 by now. Only writing posts I have not ventured into, well, I tried, but it has been a poor effort.
there is ice on the edge of the river

fancy hotel at the ferry landing

..and this has been summertime and has been....
So, friends, you see, I am still around, have a look once a while, I might have been here!

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