Freitag, September 14, 2012

My Minniemouse Cup

September 14/2012.....  9:32h

Now here I am again, after a very long time - it is not my fault,believe me, blame facebook which keeps me so occupied and darn...I can not resist! - But now to my story, another one about Herr H., he is my favoured victim, now that Herr Hund only plays his pranks in dog' s heaven.
- So I have this favoured minniemouse cup, gifted with by grandson ages ago after his visit to Disneyland Paris with grandpa. I just love to have my morning milkcoffee out of it. And what happened? I opened the dishwasher and there it was, minus handle. It had come off very neatly.
I had been heartbroken, mind you! showed it to Herrn  H and he suggested I glue it on. That' s what I did and I used that very strong glue,which you never get off your fingers when you are not careful. Set the cup aside for drying. Last nite Herr H  decided to fix himself a cup of tea (very seldom he manages something like that by himself - lol ) and told me very much later of his achievment and that his fingers were full of glue. Now then my mouth dropped open because of all the cups we have sitting around he had to take the glued one which he even knew about being broken. Imagine the handle would have come off again, he really could have scalded himself with the boiling hot tea!  Well, he was lucky that the handle stuck and was pissed off about me laughing so hard about the glue on his fingers. Said that I would not get a good night kiss! - I survived that!

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