Dienstag, November 06, 2012

HANS IN LUCK - Hans im Glück

November 6/12 ...4:04 p.m.

Hans im Glück....
 a fairytale about a guy who has lots and comes out with nothing, only he is happy about it but I am not, imitating him. To start with, my car broke down and the repairshop is offering a lineup of about 2 weeks. So, if the weather plays along, I take the E-bike for my reduced shopping. Could also take hubby's car, but  I won't (but that is another story). Now today- sun shining - I took off to do some errands. First to my farmshop on the road,to get some fresh eggs and since the shop closes during lunchtime I told the lady to just put them in front of the door,would pick them up on my way back home. Went to the bakery and then to the supermarket where my car had broken down entering the parking lot, this nightmare still gives me gooseflesh. Anyway,did my shopping and loaded my basket on the bike, wanted to start off and..... woom...the baket came off, all my purchases spilled on the sidewalk. Fazit - bottle of red wine broken, everything soaked with red wine. Pixcked my stuff up, stowed it again, did some swearing under my breath and tried to get on my bike and...woom, everything on the ground again. Now, I have made shopping trips with same bike and basket a dozen times and nothing ever happened, I was really flabbergasted. This time my loss had been the milkbox,which broke and leaked. So I stowed it upright and took off to the farm, where I picked up my eggs. Fortunately the lady had put the carton into a plastic bag, so I changed eggs out of and redwine soaked flowerpackage into plastic bag. Mind you, I did a lot of logistics, rearranging all my milk and wine wet purchases. What really amazed me had been a glas jar of chickenbroth which had survived two crashes. For a few hundred meters I have to cross a little forrest and there, right in the middle, a truck blocked the way. Remembering my bike accident 2 years ago I decided to get off the bike and push it by the truck and you will not believe it, my basket slipped off the 3rd time. Actually I was about to yell at the truckdriver, but then the guy had been so nice and helpful and picked up all my remains, because that is what you could call them now. From the dozen eggs 2 broke, there was more spilled milk, my bread and croissants were kind of soggy by now  and to top it all off the truckdriver picked up the plastic cap of the milkcarton and threw it into the bushes. Fortunately I recovered it.  So I stowed my remains for the 3rd time, and then I discovered that I had forgotten to fix the spring which holds the basket onto its carrrier. That had been the reason it slipped all the time. But the jar with the broth rolled around like a bowling ball for a dozen meters and did not break. The label is somewhat dirty though.

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