Mittwoch, März 26, 2008

The Rat Pack...

March 26/08 11:51 a.m. a wet pack, guarding Landfrau's rubberboots, waiting for a "wet" walk. Last day for our houseguest, mad Max,who behaved very well (and learned fast!) ,so actually he should be just "Max" from now on, but let's not overdo it. Two big dogs in the house is for certain more dirt and uproar, but also funny watching the pack's competition. They get along well, except for Herr Hund showing Max sometimes "the way". - Looked into my last years’ blog at the end of March to check on the weather, funny in a way, like:" I know what you have been doing last year around this time". And I am still harbouring the same frust, mind you!

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