Mittwoch, März 12, 2008

About the Weather and why I would sometimes like to kill "Herr Hund"

March 12/08 4:20 p.m.

A heavy storm had been predicted for today, unbelievable,if you look at this morning's snapshot of our garden. Fortunately around here it had not been bad, we must have been lucky again,like "in the eye of the hurricane".

Now, for the second topic. Wouldn't you think that a dog, beeing walked for his daily"business" would go, sniff for a bit and then squat down for his poop? By no means Herr Hund. First the walk has to be long, very long, a pleasure if one is in a hurry. After a lot of sniffing and running around, finally a spot is chosen. This spot is beeing scratched as if Herr Hund had mutated suddenly into a cat,then - after turning around with ,as Landfrau calls it - let- down pants - for about ten times right and ten times left, he decides that it is not the right spot to leave his precious belongings and the whole procedure is repeated a few feet away. And if he happens to see another dog,he forgets what he has been about to do anyway and the ritual is started from the beginning.

Hey,guys, still want to get yourselves a dog?

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