Sonntag, März 16, 2008

Rubber Boots,Rain and rising River

March 16/08 2:21 p.m.

Took a long walk in the rain with Herr Hund this morning along the river banks. Volunteers had been already doing spring cleaning at the shore line, might be all in vain, if the river keeps rising and grabs all the collected stuff. I must say, Germans ARE pigs, looking at all the debris which had been assembled. Do wish signs would be put up like in the USA : LEAVE NOTHING BUT FOOTPRINTS, although I doubt they would be of any use around here. Like I said, Germans are pigs.
Herr Hund, beeing "earless" again, took a beating from a big black dog. Told him, don't go there, but no, he has to approach every mean looking beast, wagging his tail like"look I'm friendly". Fortunately he has so much fur,that he is seldom hurt. I'm then stinking mad at him - and he knows it! -
So, next week we will have an additional "houseguest" ,mad Max, our younger daugther's dog. Daughter-family are off for skiing in the mountains. Another reason why I hope for better weather, two dirty dogs are easter bunnies galore.
And the dogs have no rubber boots.

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