Montag, März 31, 2008

Home,sweet Home

blue skies and palm trees

that's Frankfurt,a little bit old,high risers and the rest ugly.

March 31/08 5:51 p.m.

Back from our little weekend trip in family matters. Somewhat sluggish and too lazy to unpack the bag. Family - and weather - have been great, the small hotel we stayed at in Eschborn had a marvellous tiny garden which ,like on a flying carpet, put you straight into a mediterrain region, lemons growing and palm trees against blue sky, just amazing! - And our little Miss Sunshine (as her mom calls her) has certainly changed tremendously during the 5 months we have not seen her. - The exhibition of the "Impressionistinnen“ had been worthwile seeing, I loved Berte Morisot best. - Last nite, to end off our trip we have been meeting in an old barn, turned into a restaurant in a little village near Hungen, very picturesque.

So now we are back home, dog has been picked up and life can continue in its usual routine.It's nice to get away once a while - next trip will be end of May.

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