Freitag, März 21, 2008

More about Dogs

Good Friday - March 21/08 11:57 a.m.

Sorry, it seems this is going to be a" dog blog"after all, at least for the next few days. Last nite our houseguest had been shown his guestbed-basket in our little entrance hall.Usually this is the place of basket from Herr Hund, but his has been moved upstairs,and since mad Max is trained not to climb stairs, Herr Hund very showoffy with raised head, is climbing stairs to the upper level, giving the impression of a first class air-passenger,moving to his privileged section, upnosing the common crowd. -
Took a "quite early" - again pretty rainy - walk with the pack this morning and met,you might not believe it, the legionaire with a new dog, even bigger than the previous one,but still young,so he can turn this one into a mean beast by himself.

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Land-Frau hat gesagt…

and he did, the blasting idiot!
the dog is the terror of the neighbourhood.