Montag, Februar 25, 2008

TheForeign Legionaire and his Dog

February 25/08 6:55 pm.

There is this really rough looking neighbour, shaved bald head, tatoos and an earring,whom Landfrau had been talking too occasionally. Still think one should not judge people by apperance. Now, the other day I met this guy and he had a dog,a doberman ,on a leash. Since I had "Herr Hund" along, we got into talking. Turned out the dog was 18 months old and had been in a family,which could not handle him. Mr.Legionaire told me,that he got the dog from the doberman society and that the dog was supposed to be a watchdog not a lapdog and that he wanted to teach him to be agressive. By that time my hair started raising already but it gets worse. He furthermore stated,that the dog was "gay",not interested in bitches in heat. When I asked him what gave him that idea ,he stated that the dog was trying to jump him. Well,told him,that this is a sign of dominance with dogs and that he should be careful. All the time the dog pulled and bit his leash and the man started to pull and scold him and threatened him with a big stick. Suddenly the dog started growling and jumping at the man. By that time I decided to carry on with my walk, did not want this ferocious dog having a bite of Herr Hund. Told the man good luck with his dog and to be careful. At this he gave me a high and mighty look, the big zampano he was. -
Last weekend during a walk the dog attacked the man and started to bite and maul him till he had been lying on the ground. A neigbourhood farmer managed to get the dog away from him with his tractor, otherwise the man might have been killed. He had been sent to the hospital and the dog was shot by the police on the spot.
So everyone in the neighbourhood ,especially the dog owners,are happy that the dog is a goner, I am glad for the dog, he might have had a poor life with the Legionaire. Hope this guy does not get the idea to have himself another dog,but he probably will.

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