Mittwoch, Februar 20, 2008

Rising early in the Morning

February 20/08 2:43 p.m.

Only doctor appointments can make us do that,or going on a trip,and yes, maybe once a while "Herr Hund".
So this morning it had been the unpleasant variant: doctor at an unruly time where I run into the chance of beeing stuck in the daily morning traffic jam. There had been none this morning, so I thought I had time to have a new licence plate (on account of new car) fabricated for our bike carrier. Since close by, thought I could get it done before doctor's date. Finally found the place hidden in a driveway and luckily only one lady in front of me, who of course had to have a receipt, which little man behind the counter first made up wrong. Was my turn finally and little man wanted to know if my seven had been a one or a seven. This established,he printed out the plate, but with the letters put a T instead of a F. So he had to do it again , free of charge, for sure. By then time was running short, no opportunity to stick the plate into the parked car. So I marched into the doctor's office with a licence plate under my arm. Since they also practice as psychiatrists, no one minded and I sat down next to a twitching turning lady,who kept telling me the weirdest stories of her illnesses. My self diagnosed thing, a carpaltunnel- syndrom, proofed right and might have to be operated on if it gets worse, but I told them no, if I die with, but not from it. Have had bad experience with hand surgery.
Still, on account of beeing such an early bird,we had an early lunch of fresh trout,which I had bought, not caught.
Man of the house beeing car-less, could not take in his weekly swimming excercises (his lady- bunch certainly missed him!) and I told him not to stumble out of the door with his sportsbag and...look,no car !(Car is at the garage to have the trailer hitch for carrying the bike carrier fixed).

What an eventful day! - haha,little joke.

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