Sonntag, Februar 03, 2008

Somewhat listless

Knut-bear (daughter) and take note of the Labrador-Dalmatian!
Prince (son-in-law)
The "Dreigestirn" from Schweinheim

February 03/08 7:37 p.m.

Must have lost the zest for celebrating among crowds. Street carnival without a duty (the previous years I had been a servant at the beer ceg) is somewhat drab. Felt already foolish this morning prettieing (?) up myself with some colourful gadgets and promptly meeting a neighbour on the levy (dog had to be walked), told him that I had an obligation, since I am the mother-in-law of the residing prince. Well, managed to grab a beer and that was it. But the crowd had fun, so did the rest of the family!

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