Mittwoch, Februar 27, 2008

The Dragonfighter

February 27/08 10:02 a.m.

For stories like that I love the man-of-the-house!
He woke me up during the nite and told me he had found the same"worm I had found" the other day crawling around in my room(,and I thought it had been a piece of thread ,tried to pick it up and it wiggled, iggit ugh, quite nice for someone who is in a way phobic to crawling slimy things), anyway his was at the wall in our bathroom.So he picked it up and folded it into some paper,the worm stayed alive. The size about half a fingers long and also like a piece of thread. Then he got his letter opener and started to hack it up and he swore that the worm kind of fought him,raising his head with kind of horns mind you ,trying to get at him. He saved it and showed it to me this morning,bingo, same worm,but my monster I had flushed down the toilet,I swear. -
So now he wants it analized -at the zoo,predators section? -
I rather stick to my opinion that it is some not quite ready bug,which came in by the open window, o.k. twice, but if there are many of them sitting in the ivy at our housewall?- Well,friends, I shall keep you up to date.

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