Donnerstag, Februar 28, 2008


February 28/08 4:30 p.m.

Springtime, dogs,horses and cats shed fur, Landfrau sheded a lot of fur (hair) today at the hairdresser's, feel pretty naked now! And no , my friends, no link to "naked" Landfrau, tough luck! - Went out for lunch with m.o.m.l. (man of my life) to the CANOO, not so frequented at this time of the year,but never mind, food and view are great. Have to take you there, Montana boy, next visit! -
Got to talking about a friend,who lately kind of shakes his head continiously,both of us could not grab the word "Parkinson", told moml: "...and this my dear husband,this is called ALZHEIMER".

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