Mittwoch, März 05, 2008

Kid in the House

March 5/08 7:50 a.m.

Puts me back to old times, notice the "early" hour? - Grandson (11) is our houseguest for two days,makes a difference to have him at the weekend or during "duty" time. Getting up early ,seeing to it that everything is ready and there,driving him to school (he refuses to take the schoolbus from our place),picking him up, driving him to hockey training. Moml (man of the house) asked me: did we do all that ages ago? He can't remember. Told him,no you didn't, I did, you had been absent most of the time travelling and working.
I never forget that Nicolaus day,when daughter No. 2 had to write a math test and we slept in (moml away travelling). So I rushed out of bed, broke my toe hitting the bedpost,throwing a coat over my nightgown we took forbidden fieldways with the car to pass by the traffic jams and promptly from two sides,like in a road movie,police cars approached us and caught us at the intersection in the middle of nowhere. By that time I had a bawling kid in the car and prayed to be woken up from that nightmare,sitting in the car half naked surrounded by policemen. When my daughter sobbed out the dramatic reason for our traffic violation,the police escorted us till we had been around the traffic hold ups and I did not even get a ticket.
Daugther still did not make it in time but when she told the teacher that her Mom also broke her toe on top of everything,the teacher said that no one can invent lies like that and was nice enough to let daugther write her test during the last school hour. And she blew it!!
So, having that trauma still stuck deep inside of me,I did not sleep very well inspite of having set the alarm which I knew I could not trust in emergencies. But we had been early birds and a "little bit smelly" grandson still even took time to take a shower. -
Now same procedure tomorrow morning!

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