Montag, September 17, 2007

Puttin on - no, not the Ritz - the Sacher

September 17/07 7:30 p.m.

Yes, my friends, that's what Landfrau has been doing, but I did not dance! When we were in Vienna during our last voyage, we sat in a cafe on the outside terrasse, feasting on...three guesses...Sachertorte of course. So we watched the crowd pass by and next to us at a table a lady had been writing postcards. Watching her Landfrau had a hot flash, had promised older daughter a card explicit from Vienna. Now, Sunday and sitting in a corner of Vienna where no open kiosks could be spotted and upnosed waiter was not very helpful, I decided to try out the Hotel Sacher around the corner, usually hotels have postcards at their reception desk. So I marched in passing the high hatted guard, pretending I was a guest. Must look eligible, it worked, but got a shock inside, very plush place with not such profanity like a postcard rack and no people around, just service personal. So I decided to grab a hotel prospect, very fancy ,and strolled out again by the high hat. Think this time he kind of eyed me a bit suspiciously. Found an open kiosk later on and returning to our river cruise, discovered that they had a wide selection of cards at their desk.

But I had been into the Ritz, NO ..Sacher!

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