Montag, November 15, 2010

A Cat's Point of View ?

November 15/10....6:59 p.m.

Landfrau stayed overnite at daugther' s  place to keep company of grandson, who dislikes staying all by himself , since both parents had been absent . It is also the home of mad Max, buddy from Herr Hund who now watches over us from dog's heaven and a cat named Maunz. Maunz and Herr Hund always had been fascinated by each other und this time had been the first time I had been visiting without Herr Hund. Maunz is a roamer and when  I came back from the morning walk with Max, the cat appeared coming home from his nightly adventures. So he came into the house with us, seated himself in the hallway and kept staring at me as if he tried to figure out if Herr Hund also was around, since he must have placed him belonging to me. And when I bent down to stroke his head, he raised himself on his hind legs, as if to say that without my dog I could be his friend. Up to this day he had been ignoring me. - Smart little fellow! 
Herr Hund, mad Max and Maunz

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