Sonntag, März 27, 2011

No "Blinky Palermo " the 2nd

March 27th/11.....3:52 p.m.

Oh yes, Blinky Palermo! - Faithful readers might remember my post, dripping with envy, about the deal my relatives got. Now, this Landfrau here still has not given up hope to run across her own Blinky Palermo, and yesterday, bingo, thought I had discovered a tiny one. From my childhood, somehow this book of fairytales, made up of collected pictures which you got buying cigarettes of a certain brand, had survived in a miracolous way, considering our migration since the late thirties. A bit beat up, but nevertheless.  So I googled the "Märchen der Völker" and to my surprise got a lot of feedback and among others an ebay page offering said edition for about € 300 . Great -! but when I further dug into the informations I found the edition also offered by antique book sellers for about € 30. So again, there goes my Blinky Palermo,  but I do not give up hope yet.
Thought I owe you something funny to read about, after all the gloomy stuff I have been pushing out lately.

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