Donnerstag, Juni 30, 2011

Cussedness of the Inanimate

June 30/11.......12:22 p.m.

It simply is always the same, when I still used to smoke and we had been in a restaurant waiting for our maincourse to be served all I had to do light a cigarette, and bingo, the meal was coming up. Watering the garden flowers for sure draws rain within the next hours and buying essentials for barbecue during a heatwave brings on below zero temperatures. Not that I am so keen on barbecue. It might have something to do with Herr Husband who never does a stich around the household and hardly is able to boil an egg suddenly considers himself a gourmet cook, who is the grillmaster galore. Burnt sausages and halfraw or overcooked steaks are not exactly something to look forward to.  So now my steaks will be pancooked and it is the turn of  Herr Husband to complain that they are overcooked or tough. Must admit that cooking steaks is not quite my piece of pie either.

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