Freitag, Mai 09, 2014

The Sequence of our NO journeys

May 914.....11:48 a.m.

The jinx about our vacation trips started several years ago with our trip or rather cancelled trip to Vacouver BC. We wanted to see our good friends Bill and Norma and they had planed such a great time with terrific side excursions..instead herr husband took an outtime in the hospital with kidney failure. 
Next cancellation river cruise to Vienna,Budapest etc...hubby took outtime in the hospital with heart failure. We took the trip later on and were rewarded with a Danube in continious rain and high floods so we had to leave the ship in Vienna on the way back.
Next No vacation had been Jersey Islands, my brother died.
And last not least our Xmas river trip to Amsterdam ,cancelled on account of the serious car accident our son-i.l. had before Xmas on the way to Austria.
Whoever is turning that screw must have missed out on our Carribean Cruise, we might have been too fast in our decision to go. 
Now we are in waiting position about Mr. Putin's ideas about spoiling our cruise to St. Petersburg.

Our oldest daughter refuses to consider to take a vacation with us . She claims this would be a bank for a NO-TRIP!

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