Sonntag, Oktober 05, 2014

Last Sunday has been better

Being spoiled in Luxembourg by far beats hanging around at home, writing posts which then vanish miracolously. Miracle up to now for me has been a spaghetti meal! Notice? I am sarcastic.

So Now I will give it another try to write a post about our nice time in Luxembourg. 2 years it has been...time runs so fast...since we last visited one of our favoured hangouts and it is almost like coming home,same nice suite, this time thanks to our family, who gave us the WE as a birthday present. Have been wellcomed by somewhat snubnosed "Obama"  (i call him so, he looks like him) the headwaiter, only this time,after we called him by his name..Huges...he even became talkative. He is a soccer fan and has been to Dortmund. Of all places!  And Cody, the dog of the house, Herrn Hunds former playmate, is still around, getting old and stiff too, just like us! 
There are a couple of hotelowned golfcarts now available which we could borrow ( and Herr Husband almost tilted us over with) , so I could show hubby all the paths up in the forrest where Herr Hund and myself had been roaming around.
Otherwise it has been great food, swimming in the inOut pool ,massasges and steambath and sauna.wellness pur!
Our little new car, the Mini Countryman, did a good job. It rides comfortably and is roomy enough for our luggage and the luggie (el.foldable wheelchair).
So now you know why this sunday today can not compete!

I can drive

Herr Husband

The Kamikaze

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