Montag, Mai 16, 2016

Smoke our weather in the pipe...

May 16/2016

.....and my oldest daughter and hubby are flying to California today for a WHOLE month! Wish I could drag along..sigh..but nevertheless, I wish them safe travels and lots of fun.
Landfrau is busy in the meantime baking strawberry shortcake,which is delicious but hardly touched by hubby, cooking marvelous steak to the point, he eats only half of it and n a c h o s, baked in ine oven with jalapenos and cheese sauce, nice and crusty...hmmm..jummy! which he does not even touch.
Well, my fate , my fat! 😭
To keep myself busy during these boring Pfingstholidays ( man! do there have to be two?) I decided to put some of my about 3 thousand pics into the computer cloud and after having finished pushed a wrong button and bingo! they doubled themselves and burst he capacity of the cloud. So the only way to get rid of the twins I tried to cancel them one by one (the only way I found - autodidact) hit a wrong button again after half way through  and cancelled the whole lot, oh joy! ...
But I have one goodie to look forward to, I gifted myself with the video Purple Rain and I hope Prince will not dissapoint me and will run on our video recorder,. He better! Otherwise I shall jump from our tower! 
well,maybe the sun will give it a try to peek out then I will grab my bike and leave on a tour around the world!!! ...YEAH!!!!

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