Freitag, Juli 29, 2016

The Waiting Game

July 29/2016
Two close friends have been treated for cancer lately, one we buried 2 days ago. He suffered from leukemia and died within 2 months following the diagnosis.

The 2nd. one, a former lady riding friend of mine, had a severe accident breaking her pelvis and head over a year ago falling in her home and had been in a nursing home after her recuperation time. She had been a strong smoker and during her healing time was diagnosed with lung cancer, going through chemo and all what comes with it. I often visited with her in the nursing home, but then we had always been in her room. Yesterday, on account of  the nice  weather,we decided to sit in the garden and for me that really turned into the little horror picture show. Those poor desolate figures sitting around waiting fo a ridiculous game of throwing a ring into the middle of a circle, that measely,small glass of mean tasting water which was handed out (they were generous,I got one too) the leery fat man in his huge wheelchair who kept pulling stupid jokes all the time, thinking he was the bull in the ring of poor old cows....and then the 3 little ladies, sitting at the other end of our table, one pulled out a game of MENSCH ÄRGERE DICH NICHT , setting the board up and for a start dropping the little figurines to the ground, which I picked up..and then..oh horror..asked me if I would like to join in. I denied, very politely and told them that already as a kid I hated that game.
And then I told my friend I had to leave (could not stay another minute)
and going out I begged the Lord that I would never end up in a place like that, told him that I had not been so bad that I deserved this.
No joking, the only way you could get me into a place like that would be when I had lost my mind.

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Vanessa V Kilmer hat gesagt…

Gisela, I am sorry for the loss of your friend and the horrible sickness and convalescence of your other.

When my mother got sick, I was ever so grateful she died quickly. She would have hated being in a home. She hated the couple of months when she got sick and we tried to get her better. I have my 85 year old father with me even though he has Alzheimer's which is getting progressively worse. I can't bring my self to put him in a home.

I won't ever go either.