Mittwoch, Dezember 07, 2016


December7/16 the day originally kids put out their shoes the nite before and the next morning they found sweets if they had been good or a stick if they had n 't.  Nowadays things (like most things) are getting more lavish, one of our sons-in-law claims that we celebrate  "little Xmas"..😂😂😂   Anyway  we like it and the night before the 6th  daughter no.2 dropped in and left our surprise bag. The next morning I had to leave the house and since herr H was still asleep I opened the present by myself and left it sitting on the living room table for him to look at, still nicely wrapped in celophane with a red bow . 

While I was gone, hubby's doc showed up to give him his weekly shot . I arrived home just at the moment the man was about to leave and it almost knocked me over when he picked up the bag, thanking hubby elaborate for the "Nikolaus" . I really had been flabergasted,still taking that for a joke but then he took the bag and started to leave. First I was too embarrassed to say anything   but then I thought  . .no,noway  .and I told him that this would not work, daughter's present, you understand. An stupid husband kept insisting he sbould take it and me shouting no, you can not give away my present,for heavens sake!  So finally doc left  without the bag. By that time I had a laughing fit and grabbed one of the chocolate nikolauses out of the bag and forced it upon him as our driveway. And then I went inside and gave herrn H hell!


Vanessa V Kilmer hat gesagt…

I'd tackle that doctor to keep my St. Nicholas day present.

Land-Frau hat gesagt…

you are my woman! 😉