Dienstag, Oktober 16, 2007

Food for Brain and Tummy

October 16/07 7:45 p.m.

See above Painting? As of tomorrow morning it will be mine, because Landfrau will break into the Museum Kunstpalast during this nite and just take it away. There are enough paintings left in the exhibition "Bonjour,Russland" for others to look at. Above one I really fell in love with! -

Had been such a great day again yesterday,we are having the summer right now, we have not had, but it will be finished as of tomorrow, I am afraid. So the nice day had been the reason to zoom downtown to do something for our education and tummy had to be fed too, so we had lunch at the riverbanks at the CANOO again, it is such a nice ambience,having good food and taking in the City skyline.

And today should be a great day for the family,but more about that in due time!!

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