Sonntag, Oktober 28, 2007

Those beautiful Colours of Autumn

October 28/07 3:35 p.m.

Autumn would be my favoured season if...yes, if there would not be winter lurking in the background. We had been driving to Hungen (near Giessen/Hessen) to have a look and cuddle our new family member and we ejoyed that drive on the Interstate,bordered by woods in changing colours. And since Herr Hund had been along, the two of us took an early morning walk in the forrest, did not meet a soul.

Had a great meal with the young family last nite at the "Klostermühle" Restaurant, the little ladie's first time out among a crowd and she behaved very well. Ate by herself with a spoon! eh, little joke!! But she really is such a big kid already, has to grow about one meter, more or less, than she will be Landfrau's size. And that's no joke!

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